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In the field of medicine, various great names are worth recognizing and one of them is Dr. Andy Fine who has lived his life in helping his patients. He welcomes every opportunity to work with patients who need his care and assistance without asking beyond what they can afford. His Littleton Office has been his dwelling place as an Internal Medicine and Primary Care doctor. From here, he provides the health care support to individuals and families with personalized service. For more than ten years, he has been consistent in giving high level patient care making him build good relationships with patients and his staff members.

The mission of Dr. Fine is centered on giving top quality medical care in each day of his service since he aims to go beyond the expectations of the patients. He provides enough time to talk and listen to the concerns of his patients and gives the best recommendation to you.

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He graduated Phi Betta Kappa at Emory University with Bachelors Degree in Psychology. His passion and commitment to helping people urged him to complete his Doctor of Medicine Degree at University of Georgia Medical School. At St. Luke’s Hospital in the city of Denver, he finally completed the degree as an Internal Medicine physician at Presbyterian. Starting 1997, he conducted his private practice as a Board-certified physician in Internal Medicine and Primary care that is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Aside from educational attainment, other doctors give high respect to him due to his incredible contribution to the community and medical field. The truth is that he holds many highly regarded positions in medicine field in Colorado like University of Colorado Health Sciences Center’s Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine. He is also an expert clinical medical evaluator (Colorado Center For Physician Enhancement and Education Program) and a member of Executive Board of the Academy (Medical Educators). These are only some of the positions he held in the industry, but he confidently and excellently performs his role in each area.

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He has good relationship among his patients. For him, this is an important requirement for internal medicine experts. If you want him to be your primary care physician, make sure that you book an appointment online or call him to ensure that you will be prioritized. Dr. Andy Fine aims to help you achieve healthy lifestyle. He works on it by giving you top level assistance and patient care.


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